Cluster Digitali Narrazione collettiva nell’era dei social network
Digital Media

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Università di Roma Tor Vergata:
Laboratorio in Comunicazione e Digital Media (Sito)
Laboratorio in Comunicazione e Digital Media (Scheda Università)
Scienze dell’informazione e della comunicazione – Università di Roma Tor Vergata (Facoltà)

Digital Clusters: How The Net Is Marking Us, Presentation article on DigitCult Vol.2, No.3, Scientific Journal on Digital Cultures (published December 2017).

Digital Clusters Update, a weekly webnewspaper generated automatically by and based on ambits of #digitalmedia, #socialnetwork, #digitalclusters, #communication.

Luciano Giustini, teaching at University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and Pontifical Athenæum Regina Apostolorum, is a Computer science engineer, postgraduated in Information and Communication science. Use Contact page or Didactic Web (Rec. hours).